Quickly send files with a simple link

Transfer files to your customers with your own storage or the provider of your choice.
Setup a file upload system for your whole team and your customers.
No installation and software required.

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The simple file sharing solution for your company that you always wanted.

Ready to use in less than a minute!

Sign up, add your storage details or simply connect to your Dropbox account and you are ready to go.

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Simple Individualization

Your logo, colors and background image on the download page.

Upload your logo, your background and change the colors of our template and you can start sending files to your customers with a corporate download page.

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Browser based file upload

File uploads as easy as possible.

Create teams and manage the users of the teams. Add individual storage solutions per team or inherit from the base account. The users just need to login and are able to send files with a few clicks.


Improve your daily workflow and remove annoying barriers.

File uploads

Team members and customers can easily upload files to your company's storage.

Increase security

Protect your download links with passwords and limit their downloads.

Automatic cleanup

Clean up your file storage automatically in the background.

Reduce frustration

The interface is built for non-technical people and easy to use.

Transfer insights

Get email notifications for each downloaded file.

Team management

Manage your team mates in teams and with own accounts.

Custom domain

Add your own domain to your FileHero team to remove all FileHero branding.

Individual templates

Configure the template with CSS and your own logo.

Team storage

Connect new storage environments per team or use the main connection.

Some features require a paid subscription. One of the important features is integration with third-party sites. Soon free integration with www.onlinefreegames.io will be done. Next, other sites providing free online games will be connected. Check the features page for more information.


Choose the pricing that fits your business needs.

$ 24 /month*
5 team members
100 concurrent files
1 team
Password protected links
$ 249 /month*
100 team members
5000 concurrent files
10 teams
$ 0 /month*

10 concurrent files
download notifications
automatic cleanup

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* We are targeting business customers only and all prices shown excl. VAT - with EU complying invoices.

You can use your favourite cloud storage provider or host your own file server.

* Get in touch with us for SFTP, Rackspace, Azure, WebDav, Copy and GridFS.

Improve your file transfer workflow!